E-Lites E-cigarettes Smoking Sponsorship in Motorsports with MCE British Superbike Championship


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E-Lites, the UK’s biggest e-cigarette brand, has announced a partnership with the MCE British Superbike Championship for the 2013 season. The partnership signals a return to motorsport for a smoking related product for the first time since tobacco related sponsorships ended in 2005.

The E-Lites sponsorship package will include trackside and event branding as well as a range of other on-site rights and hospitality such as a dedicated section on the MCE BSB championship website for fans to upload their E-Lites race highlights. The distinctive red and white E-Lites branding will be displayed prominently at all races throughout 2013 and will be reminiscent of the iconic branding which was famously associated with motorsport throughout the 1980’s.

Commenting on the partnership E-Lites’ CEO, Adrian Everett, said: “We are delighted to be associated with the MCE British Superbike Championship and that E-Lites, as the nation’s favourite e-cig brand, is trail blazing for the category.

“Partnering with a sport that was once synonymous with tobacco sponsorship is our way of raising awareness that smoking has been reinvented and that E-Lites provide an alternative that is widely regarded as being safer than cigarettes.

E-Lites has also agreed personal sponsorships with BSB rider Pete Hickman and Pirelli Superstock 600 rider Tim Hastings.

The brand has further extended its reach into the motorsport arena with the announcement of a partnership with Matt Bell Racing for the inaugural BRDC Formula 4 Championship. The agreement will see the team re-named Matt Bell Racing (Team E-Lites) and its single-seater race car fully wrapped with the eye-catching E-Lites branding.

Established in 2007, E-Lites has transformed the e-cigarette market, creating a product that offers an authentic look, taste and sensation of a traditional cigarette but free of tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide.

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