The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly

The Unholy Marriage of Slice and Sweetly failed to take place on the 13thJuly 1955 due to the fatal stabbing of the Reverend Gris and so opens a new production in London’s burgeoning immersive scene.

Dress Code: 1950’s Wedding

Date: 19th July to 6thSeptember

Place: The church and surrounding graveyard of St Matthews in Bethnal Green.

ImmerCity are calling on audiences to step back in time, to that fateful day, and investigate the truth behind this close-knit community who are rebuilding life from the rubble of the Second World War.  Uncover a pit of family in-fighting, war-time secrets, blackmail, smuggling, and murder.

Think of it as a cross between Punchdrunk, a Murder Mystery party and the best of an Agatha Christie series. ImmerCity value tight narrative, good dialogue, brilliant theatre craft, intrigue, atmosphere and satisfying audience interaction and this is their fifth show.

This three hour mystery evening is spread across three parts with audiences working in groups of 6 to gather information and solve the mystery. In the first section the audience are voyeurs on the events of the fateful day as the characters set the scene and set the audiences minds whirring to work out who was where and doing what. In the second section the audience become the detectives, examining the evidence from section one and interviewing the characters to work out what information is hiding beneath the surface and what lies can be called out. The final section is the conclusion of the evening, layers pulled back, truths revealed and the mystery solved.

SHOW: The Unholy Marriage and Slice and Sweetly
DATES: 19th July – 6th September, Thursday – Saturday
TIME: 7.15pm (3 hours)
VENUE: St Matthews Church, St Matthews Row, Bethnal Green, E2 6DT
TICKETS: £25/23 conc.

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