Doddlr – A Social Future Without Walls or Timelines? – the only site with a dashboard for every tweet, tumble, status, email and YouTube video

Shinesquad creative media agency in London was asked to make the launch video for Doddlr –  the social aggregator for the individual.

Founded by young entrepreneurs Sai Eccles and Jack Halstead, Doddlr is a new web service that allows users to access all their social networks and emails through one simple dashboard. Users can connect accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, with other services are expected to join them shortly.

We’ve tried it  – it works and it’s good (and we are not just saying that because they are our client).

Screen Grab from (beta)

Sai and Jack are keen to show that UK entrepreneurs can still compete on the internet’s global stage. Despite the numerous minds contributing to the project the focus remained clear, to create a website that had a feature for everyone. To accommodate people of different interests, each user can change the focus of the site according to what is important to them whether it be managing email accounts, browsing social networks or viewing media.

Here’s one we made earlier….

Sai Eccles:
“Although on the surface Doddlr appears just to be an entertainment dashboard, there is a greater ethos behind it. Constructed with an eye on the most recent content, less emphasis has been placed yesterday’s news. There are no timelines or walls, this gives the user the ability to be the person they want to be each and every day, without influence from the past.”

Doddlr’s seeming lack of independent functionality is perhaps its greatest strength. Integrating services instead of competing with them, helps Doddlr avoid the obvious trap that so many start-ups fall into, that of reinventing the wheel.

Jack Halstead:
“Throughout development we had to turn down a lot of great features that would have diversified the site. As difficult as this was, we tried hard not to keep adding features that would ultimately change the feel of the site.”

For regular email users, Doddlr is a convenient place to access all their accounts while away from their desk.

Shinesquad enjoys explaining things online simply, after all, it’s what we do best. See our other video production and animation work here: Video, Animation and Apps

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