Queen and YouTube Present Fan Music Videos for ‘You Are the Champions’ Campaign

Queen and YouTube Music worked together with Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records to enlist the band’s loyal fans from around the world to help create brand-new, user generated fan music videos for three of the band’s tracks to celebrate “Bohemian Rhapsody” becoming the first pre-1990s video to reach one billion views on YouTube.   […]

Foodies Are SORTED: Tesco Partners With SORTEDfood, Europe’s Largest Cooking Community On YouTube

Tesco has partnered with SORTEDfood, one of the world’s largest social media cookery channels, in a media first to help inspire a new generation to fall in love with cooking and food. SORTEDfood has over 800,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel, with over 4million monthly views. With many video recipes the result of the SORTED […]

Superstars and Superfans are Connected through The Social Stars Awards 2013

The Social Star Awards will be the world’s first 24 hour multi-genre social media Awards, presenting 288 Social Stars (that’s an award every 5 minutes) across every country and major genre you can think of. In short, if it’s massive in social, it’s here. The Social Star Awards are based on data from Starcount which […]

Doddlr – A Social Future Without Walls or Timelines?

Shinesquad creative media agency in London was asked to make the launch video for Doddlr –  the social aggregator for the individual. Founded by young entrepreneurs Sai Eccles and Jack Halstead, Doddlr is a new web service that allows users to access all their social networks and emails through one simple dashboard. Users can connect […]

Razorpit Razor Sharpener Review and Giveaway

Razorpit is a must for anyone who shaves. It’s a simple idea and devastatingly effective. You know how your blade gets clogged – and you rinse it, rub a nail brush  or even, sometimes, I admit,  a toothbrush on it? That’s nowhere near as good as using Razorpit to remove the gunk and sharpen the […]

Red Bull Stratos Mission To The Edge of Space with Felix Baumgartner

Monday 8th October 2012, ROSWELL, New Mexico (USA):  Together with a team of aerospace experts, Austrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner is ready to rise to the challenge of the Mission Red Bull Stratos. His aim is to jump from an altitude of 36,576 meters (120,000 feet) and perform a record-breaking freefall. After testing in an elaborate altitude (vacuum) […]

Are You Missing Out on Social Media Marketing?

Are you missing out on great opportunities that your competitors are exploiting? Over three-quarters of UK brand managers believe content marketing is an important area of focus, but less than half have developed a clearly-defined strategy for this channel. According to a poll in Content Marketing Survey Report by Econsultancy, October 2012 – 83% of brand managers used […]

Why use YouTube? YouTube Means Business

YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the planet. Search is so important to help your clients find you. The biggest search engine is Google and it owns YouTube.  So being on YouTube is a massive opportunity for search in the online world. By having video content on your website, your social media channels and […]

International Man of Dance – Global Superstar?

We are suckers for a viral. Remember this one? NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear! – 18 million views later and we are still coming up with things to do to the bear. So now Rosetta Stone – their slogan ‘changing the way the world learns languages’ –  are asking if they’ve created a global superstar. Have they? Your International Man […]

There’s Only One Adele but…

Check out and vote for these talented singers on mashable covering Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Here’s Adele and here’s one cover.