Razorpit Razor Sharpener Review and Giveaway

Razorpit is a must for anyone who shaves. It’s a simple idea and devastatingly effective. You know how your blade gets clogged – and you rinse it, rub a nail brush  or even, sometimes, I admit,  a toothbrush on it? That’s nowhere near as good as using Razorpit to remove the gunk and sharpen the […]

Always Tip a Man with a Razor @ Ted Baker’s Ottoman Lounge

The Ottoman Lounge at Ted’s Grooming Room is an exclusive, tailor-made service for a bespoke range of deluxe men’s treatments. After all, taking care of one’s appearance should never simply stop at one’s attire. And nobody knows this better than Ted Baker who discovered this on his worldly travels through the back streets of Istanbul. You […]