Peter wants to conquer social media with The Peter Andre Channel

Peter Andre announced the launch of a new app – a first in the world of social media – that will allow fans to interact with him directly via its unique video feature. The Peter Andre Channel is a new kind of entertainment app, integrating social media and a continual stream of fresh content with […]

What are you listening to Harkive?

Music lovers around the world are being asked on Tuesday 9th July to participate in a unique online music project launched by a Birmingham City University student. Craig Hamilton, an MA Music Industries student, is using social media to invite fellow music fans from across the globe to take part in the first ever worldwide look at […]

Why Open Data Falls Short

“Open data offers a list of potholes in a city. Open services enable citizens and Government to work together to get the potholes fixed.” As the UK Data Strategy Board issues its recommendations on a national data strategy, David Moody, head of worldwide product strategy at KANA Inc, argues that a clear commitment to “open […]

Don’t Let Your Online Past Ruin Your Future Career

Nearly half (45%) of job hunters said past Twitter activity should never be taken into account by prospective employers, according to a recent survey from Hays, the leading recruiting expert. However, 55% agreed that employers should look at a potential employee’s Twitter account when considering them for a role. Of the group who deemed it […]

European Retail Banks Must Not Ignore Social Media, Ovum Warns

Social media presents an opportunity, but many banks are not exploiting it – regardless of changing customer needs. Retail banks are still hesitating to fully integrate social media into their digital marketing strategies, according to a new report from global analysts Ovum. Asia-Pacific and American retail banks are spearheading approaches to social media engagement, believing […]

Superstars and Superfans are Connected through The Social Stars Awards 2013

The Social Star Awards will be the world’s first 24 hour multi-genre social media Awards, presenting 288 Social Stars (that’s an award every 5 minutes) across every country and major genre you can think of. In short, if it’s massive in social, it’s here. The Social Star Awards are based on data from Starcount which […]

Exodus Travels Partners With Navigate Media for Social Media Amplification

Navigate Media Group announces its latest campaign and brand partner, Exodus Travels, a leading adventure tour operator based out of the UK. Exodus offers a diverse range of adventure holidays all over the world. Navigate and Exodus are partnering on the “Feel More Alive” campaign by showcasing the four different types of tours Exodus offers: […]

Razorpit Razor Sharpener Review and Giveaway

Razorpit is a must for anyone who shaves. It’s a simple idea and devastatingly effective. You know how your blade gets clogged – and you rinse it, rub a nail brush  or even, sometimes, I admit,  a toothbrush on it? That’s nowhere near as good as using Razorpit to remove the gunk and sharpen the […]

Are You Missing Out on Social Media Marketing?

Are you missing out on great opportunities that your competitors are exploiting? Over three-quarters of UK brand managers believe content marketing is an important area of focus, but less than half have developed a clearly-defined strategy for this channel. According to a poll in Content Marketing Survey Report by Econsultancy, October 2012 – 83% of brand managers used […]

How Social Media Drives Sales

According to a survey of influential Chief Marketing Officers by Bazaar Voice in this new report “Chief customer advocate: How social data elevates CMOs” Key findings include: Social (media) data impacts decisions for nearly all CMOs. Almost half of CMOs have used social data to make predictions or forecasts, and nearly nine in 10 say this data has […]