iGaming Social Marketing and Strategy Report

According to iGaming Business Social Marketing and Strategy Report ‘The incorporation of social media into business practices is now non-negotiable.’

Their recent report also highlights these simple thoughts on Content Generation. Something we do here at Shinesquad.

By liking a brand on Facebook, following on Twitter or subscribing to a blog or Instagram account, a user is essentially giving that brand permission to present content to them. Therein lies a fundamental responsibility for the brand to make the content relevant and worthwhile. It also means that these fans, for the most part, want something in return for granting that permission. It is often offers, discounts or promotions they are seeking, but not always. Information, affiliation, access to celebrity brand ambassadors and hundreds of other reasons lie behind social media connections, but ultimately the brand must enhance the fan or follower’s social experience in order to maintain the relationship in this sphere.

Which content is conversation-worthy? What makes some content more engaging than others? Why and when do people share? These are all the main questions asked today and there is no social media blueprint with the answers. The classics still work – contests and games (hence the explosive growth of ‘Gamification’ across all sectors and industries), “free” is as powerful a word in social networks as it is in any other medium – not just free offers, but free and exclusive content as well, and humour is paramount. Maybe like our Badger in a Sombrero?

As a taster of the report:


1. Social media will be incorporated into corporate websites
2. Brands embrace real time
3. An increase in social media usage on mobile devices
4. An increase in personal support
5. Social media budgets will grow
6. Social gaming will continue its explosive growth
7. News will be increasingly social
8. Businesses consolidate social media activities
9. Facebook will surpass 1 billion people
10. Niche social networks will become more popular
11. Social TV & Dual Screen will greatly increase
12. New marketing teams
13. Gamification
14. Social Shopping
15. Location-based social media

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