Putting the Ooooh into Umami with the Yondu Effect

If you’ve become a chunk rather than a hunk over lockdown you’ll be trying to cut carbs and eating more veg. But if you are stuck in a boring rut of tasteless tinfoil trays of roasted ‘Med vegetables then try the ‘Yondu effect’ – boosting yumminess without adding the usual cheats of extra salt, oil […]

Tefal Fresh Express Plus

We all know Tefal from its non-stick cookware and kitchen gadgets so it’s no surprise to find a range of innovative products with clever solutions and bright ideas for simplifying day-to-day tasks. Chopping is a bit of a chore so and our knives aren’t sharp enough to give those wispy thin carrot slivers for our five-a-day. So we’re pleased […]