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Soho is having a field day with the budding of new eateries specialising in just one ingredient and the latest to join is The Potato Project on Noel Street.

It’s baked potatoes at their beautiful best!

The Potato Project photo by food envy

food envy photo


In what was originally planned as a wine bar, founder Ksenia Karpenko went back to her roots and came up with a food idea, code-named ‘the potato project’. She’s Russian and says, of course, she loves potatoes ever since being a little girl helping her grandmother harvest the spuds in their garden. So why not potatoes for eat in and out? And nobody else was doing it. Now it’s getting a cult following in Soho and they are about to launch another branch at Box Park in Croydon.

What’s interesting is that it’s not just the crunchy-skinned, white fluffy  potatoes on the menu. There’s also sweet potatoes with as much fibre and as low in calories but packed with more vitamins A and C – an even healthier option.

spud patch at potato project

For all their sluggish reputation we stuffed our faces with every-which-way-filling and still came out feeling light.


digging in

It doesn’t take much to butter us up, but truly these are the best baked potatoes in London.

You can tell a lot of effort goes into the menu and way beyond the man-baked-potato of Borlotti beans and cheese. There are fillings of  quinoa, kale, almonds and pomegranate. There’s even a good-looking  sweet potato tartlet with honey, ginger, mint, almonds and vanilla ice cream.


sweet looking tart

For the Summer Menu we feasted on juicy watermelon and tomato salad with roasted goat cheese, sweet potato ceviche-style and the divine classic of tuna mayonnaise, roast corn & pickled red onion washed down with refreshing Nix&Kix  mango and  ginger with the ‘kick’ of cayenne chili.

Watermelon & Tomato Salad with Roasted Goat Cheese

Watermelon & Tomato Salad with Roasted Goat Cheese

Tuna Mayonnaise, Roast Corn & Pickled Red Onion

no.1 best seller

The look Ksenia’s gone for is pared down, light, filament-lamped and attractive plates made from bamboo.

Price wise it’s pared down too – a classic baked potato with salted Cornish butter  is only £3.75 and, the what must be addictiv,  chilli beef ragu and blue cheese is at £5.50.

With a clear mantra that  potatoes will never be boring again grab your jacket, you’ve pulled…

The Potato Project
27 Noel Street

Opening Times
10am – 6pm
Monday – Saturday


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