Vodka Massage and Scrub at the Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg

The Grand Hotel Europe, is offering its guests the ‘Vodka Experience’ where they will learn how to pair the Russian spirit with food, have a cocktail masterclass and indulge in specially created vodka spa treatments.

The Vodka Experience begins with a food pairing such as Astrakhan Beluga Caviar with Beluga Vodka, marinated salmon with Tsarskaya Gold Vodka, and for dessert, strawberries dusted with icing sugar served with Grey Goose Vodka.

In the evening, at the 10 metre long feature bar, cocktails taught will include the Wake Up Call, a mix of ginger, honey, lemon and standard platinum Russian Vodka, along with Dirty Martinis, Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules and White Russians.

Based on the circulation boosting elements of vodka  you have the choice between two vodka-based spa treatments designed to rid the body of unwanted toxins – the ‘Welcome to Russia’ vodka scrub or the  ‘Vodka Massage’ .

The ‘Welcome to Russia’ scrub starts off with the therapist pouring premium vodka into a shot glass and then adding lemon and caviar to create an indulgent and nourishing mixture which is then gently smoothed on to the stomach. A scrub is then applied to the back and left to soak in, before showering off.

Lasting 60 minutes, the ‘Vodka Massage’ begins with a ritual washing of the feet using a hot vodka compress. A full body massage ensues, using a delicate mixture of the vodka and oil of Arctic birch.

The Vodka Experience is priced from £72 per person and nightly rates at Grand Hotel Europe start from £272 for a Superior King Room per night including taxes.

For further information or to make a booking please visit or call Orient-Express UK reservations on 0845 077 2222.

Caviar at Grand Hotel Europe

Fancy this rubbed in?!


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