Who’s Who of Creative New York and Los Angeles for the US Launch of COS

To mark the launch of clothing brand COS in the US, film maker Aaron Rose has created ‘The Bubble’ and its response, ‘Drive Time’ by Petra Collins on the similarities and differences in New York/Los Angeles creative culture. Think New York as a dynamic bustling and brooding metropolis, Los Angeles the sunny, laissez-faire counterpart, home to fledgling talent and spirit of the new.

Glenn O'Brien for COS

Glenn O’Brien aka “The Style Guy” in GQ magazine,

Aaron Rose’s NY film The Bubble is a nod to Robert Frank’s 1959 Beat generation film “Pull My Daisy” and a contemporary update on the idea of the salon for the city (inspired by Peggy Guggenheim’s artist salons) and is the first film to be shot at legendary New York art world hangout Max Fish.  The full-length film is available to view here.

The Bubble: Aaron Young, Ana Kras, Andre Saravia, Brandee Brown, Brian Degraw, Hailey Benton Gates, Jeffrey Deitch, Lele Savieri, Leo Fitzpatrick, Nelleke, Othelo Gervacio, Petra Collins and Glenn O’Brien.

Drive Time

Petra Collins for COS

In response to Rose’s gritty urban allegory on the life of a NY creative, Petra Collins’ ‘Drive Time’ magnifies the more youthful, less serious and relaxed art circuit that is Los Angeles. The narrative journey documents 24 hours with a diverse group of LA creatives across a backdrop of the city’s skyline. The full- length film is available to view here.

Drive Time:  fashion muse Cherry Glazerr, frontgirl Clementine Creevy, artist couple Erin and Sam Falls, indie It-girl and Rookie mag contributor Arrow de Wilde and her mother the music photographer Autumn de Wilde and M.I.A’s DJ and Nguzunguzu producer Asthma Maroof .

Each film features iconic pieces from the core COS collection as stocked in the New York and LA stores as well as online.

The COS LA store is located at 357 North Beverly Drive,  parallel to Rodeo Drive and features womens wear, menswear and spread across two floors and 5, 683 sq. ft. of selling space. In New York, the COS store is in the heart of Soho at 129 Spring Street between Green and Wooster, the collection is housed across four floors and 4, 950 sq. ft. of sales area. COS’s Scandinavian roots are reflected in both the modern-sleek stores.

The making of ‘The Bubble’ can be viewed here and ‘Drive Time’ can be viewed here


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