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Tea is a fascinating beverage with five thousand-year old history. 700 billion cups of Tea are consumed every year around the globe. This makes Tea to the second most important beverage in the world – after plain water.

Eilles Tee Bio Organic And Natural Premium Tea Brand

Eilles Tee Bio Organic And Natural Premium Tea Brand

The brand EILLES TEA has a tradition of more than 130 years.  Founded in 1873 by Mr. Joseph EILLES in Bavaria, the brand still represents highest quality and innovation. The focus was and still is the Hospitality industry, so that this tea can be found in restaurants and hotels in Europe and overseas, however not in mainstream retail.

The selection covers renowned “classics” from traditional blends up to “innovative” new exciting blends. To name a few you will find high altitude teas from Darjeeling, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Assam, the famous “Earl Grey”, white tea and Oolongs as rarities as well as selected green teas and mild Rooibos compositions, relaxing herbal and refreshing fruit infusions.

Individual concepts

Especially Hotels and Restaurants welcome the different packaging and presentation of EILLES Tea. The Gourmet Selection caters for highest demands and offers rarities like “Mu Dan Tea roses”, hand-woven from over 100 leave tips or hand rolled Jasmine pearls.

The latest range addition has been the “FAIR TRADE” and “Organic” (BIO) collection to complement existing “standard” tea assortments. Our Tea experts will gladly advise and recommend a specific assortment of flavours and types of Tea.

“EILLES Tea to Go” offers 8 of the most popular flavours which could be used by Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Delis, and Hotels for guests “in a hurry”. The handling is very easy, since the tea bag is integrated in the lid which fits onto a double wall paper cup. After sufficient steeping time, the tea bag is easily pulled out of the water and stowed underneath the lid. Clever idea.

There are three new teas: Detox for your well-being – a blend of green tea and herbal tea with mate and ginger, Alp Herbs Swiss Style – an invigorating fresh herbal tea, and Apple Fruits – a sweet and tangy fruit tea.

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